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Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilover for Street and Track :: 2013-2014 Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ, Toyota FT-86
2013 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ 500 Series Coilover for Street and Track by Fortune Auto

Retail Price: $1,250.00
Sale Price: $1,199.00
Savings: $51.00

Availability:: custom order item

Rear Adjustment Extenders

Add [Add $45.00]

Radial Bearing Mount

Radial Bearing Mount [Add $50.00]

Swift Spring Upgrade

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2013 Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ 500 Series Coilovers by Fortune Auto

Many of the coilovers on the market are primarily used to approve the appearance of your vehicle. Those looking for street and track performance should consider Fortune Auto 500 series coilovers.

500 series coilovers incorporate a DIGRESSIVE* piston, 24-step damping, custom rates & a five year warranty

500 Series coilovers are CUSTOM built to order.

DIGRESSIVE* All Fortune Auto shock absorbers use Digressive piston technology. This technology allows for stiff low speed rebound force which helps give better control of driver inputs such as roll, dive and squat. However, at fast stroke speeds (i.e. high speed bumps) the suspension is kept supple in response to bumps and irregularities in the road.
  • Dyno tested
  • Mono-Tube damper with high pressure nitrogen
  • 24-step rebound adjustable dampers
  • Spherical Bearings
  • IP synthetic 5w or 10w shock oil (prevents cavitation and promotes superior heat dissipation)
  • T6 6061 Forged & Anodized aluminum mounts and camber plates
  • Bright Dip Anodized 
  • Height adjustment independent of pre-load
  • 5 year Manufacturer's Warranty (1 year on piston)
  • Swift springs upgrade available
  • Rebuild-able in the USA
  • Revalve-able in the USA

When the Fortune Auto engineers designed the Generation 4 Series, they made it a priority to revise the jetting for more accurate damper control. The engineers also increased the adjustment range. Every click in the adjustment range now has a very profound effect on damping force and each click is very audible and distinct. They responded to their clients' comments regarding the lack of audible distinction in the clicking mechanism. Their desire is to constantly refine our products using the valuable feedback from our clients, so we have addressed this issue with their Generation 4 shocks.

Stronger Piston Shafts

The data they have compiled through their racing program has been thoroughly implemented in their new Generation 4 Series. The delicate science behind the strength of piston shafts can be difficult to perfect. If the shaft is too hard, it will be brittle and break easily, but if the shaft is too soft it will bend too easily. Through extensive R&D Fortune was able to achieve an optimal balance between shaft hardness and malleability in the Generation 4 Series to ensure peak safety and performance.

Lower Friction Shaft Seals

The new Generation 4 shaft seals have 40% less drag than our previous models. This provides for less hysteresis and for superior control of driver inputs. Their new seals are made of a specially formulated Buna rubber compound that provides a great balance between reliability and performance! Since the shaft seal is the most important seal on the shock, a stronger seal will greatly improve quality and performance.

Improved Shaft Cap Design

Their new shaft caps utilize a twin O-ring design. Furthermore they have upgraded our rubber O-rings to Viton O-rings. The new Viton O-rings are made of a synthetic rubber compound which provides a superior tensile strength and a wider range of operating temperatures. This new design provides a superior seal preventing potential leaks from developing.

Structural Improvements

Utilizing their engineers' in-house design software we were able to revamp our whole line of suspension in the Generation 4 Series. They reinforced brackets and mounting points for more rigidity and strength.

Brake Line Brackets

Now most models will have OEM brake line tabs welded to the lower mounts. This provides the end user with a clean and safe install solution.

Digressive & Ultra Digressive Pistons

To ensure superior ride quality and driver control, the digressive piston technology on their 500 and 510 series has been carried over to the Generation 4 Series as well. All Generation 4 shock absorbers will continue to utilize our digressive piston technology on their 500 series models and ultra digressive piston technology on their 510 series models. Digressive piston technology allows for massive amounts of low speed rebound force that translates driver inputs into razor sharp control. Furthermore, the rebound force "blows off" to provide the driver with a supple and compliant ride while maintaining superior mechanical grip over rough surfaces.

Dyno-tuned and Tested

Their commitment to providing the best shock absorber in the market has not changed with the Generation 4 Series. EVERY shock absorber is still dyno-tested at our facility. They do not spot check our shocks like some other manufacturers. Once your shock absorber is built it is tested and matched. They refuse to treat their shocks with a “one size fits all” mentality. Fortune's philosophy is simple: to provide their clients with a high quality, affordable, and personalized suspension solution.

Standard Spring Rates for the FR-S / BRZ Application

6k front
7k rear

Please contact us if you wish to have custom spring rates.

Swift Spring Upgrade - $350

Most spring manufacturers use silicone chrome material. Other manufacturers use a heat tempering method that damages the strength of the spring material that inevitably requires more coils, in turn, more weight. This material also suffers from a shortened life span. With springs like this leading the industry, Swift saw massive room for improvement.

Swift's R & D team created a material, called H5S.TW. This advanced alloy is stronger then regular silicone chrome material. Swift could make the spring wire thinner, and could wind the springs with fewer coils, which greatly decreased weight while dramatically increasing available stroke. In the end the choice is simple. Swift offers superior Durability, Stroke, Weight Savings and most importantly a Superior COMPLIANT ride.

Daily driver: love the performance but miss the smooth ride? You don’t have to compromise.

Many sports compact consumers think that once they have their coil over systems installed, they are done setting up their suspension. Actually, it is the beginning of their suspension tuning. Replacing your coil springs to Swift springs can provide your vehicle with better traction, increasing your handling performance, faster cornering speed, faster response to road surfaces and conditions, and increase your suspension stroke.

Track racers: less unsprung mass, more strokes, increased handling, and a lot more benefit. The only thing you will be loosing is lap time.

While most track drivers have already began the ritual of swapping their springs, many swap from one brand to another, yet you will only notice the stiffness only as being either softer or stiffer. What if a spring could change other dynamics, such as a noticeably lighter unsprung mass, smoother weight transferring, better ride quality, lower tire temperatures, and increased ability to anticipate vehicle reaction? Like most racers, Swift team hates to hear “what if”, so they built the “what if” into reality. Through Swifts extensive research in motorsports both in Japan and in the US, they have achieved a superior riding and handling spring.

Rear Adjustment Extenders - $45

Designed for vehicles that are inaccessible in the rear due to rear seats or trunk liner. These extenders are designed to replace the knobs on the rear of Generation 4 shocks. Just attach and make adjustments without removing panels or rear seats!

Radial Bearing Mount - $80

Fortune Auto engineers have engineered a new solution for noise. Their engineers have combined the advantages of race spec camber plates and spherical bearings with a bearing similar to those of an OEM that isolates spring movement from the rest of the coilover assembly. They now use a high-quality radial Koyo Japan bearing that integrates into the upper spring perch. Now when the coilover assembly turns, Their ur new radial bearing mount allows the camber plate and piston shaft to spin separately from the coilover assembly. This eliminates approximately 95% of the noise associated with camber plates on a strut vehicle. You may occasionally experience spring noise with their new radial bearing mounts, but will still notice a great improvement, since you will now enjoy the benefits and adjustability of a true race setup while not experiencing frequent and harsh spring binding noise.

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